Flushing’s Ghetto Vegetable Store


This is a makeshift vegetable stand that sells almost everything at $1  (much cheaper than the supermarkets around it). It is on Main Street between 41st Road and 41st Ave. Behind the stand is an actual store. The store sells Chinese herbs and ginseng.

The normal vegetables sold there involve herbs, potatoes, lettuces and other Asian greens. Once in a while, they have red radishes, multicolor grape tomatoes, and even large salad bags  (as big as a Northface backpack) at about $3 or lower. The metal bins indicate that all the produce in the bin is $1. Vegetables not placed in bins are usually priced from $1 to $2. Produce can be sold so cheap because the owners are street vending without paying for the vegetable/fruit truck. I’m pretty sure they divide the rent with the herb shop in the back.

Next time you’re in Flushing, you might want to grab yourself some cheap vegetables.  But be warned, some vegetables they sell spoil quick. So far, the worst purchases from this spot I’ve had were avocado and asparagus.  Use your instinct to purchase; if it doesn’t look good don’t buy it.